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Saturday, 29 August 2020

July Ghare Shikhiye Mulyankan and QR Code Scan Important Video

July Ghare Shikhiye Mulyankan and QR Code overlook Important videotape 

The Learn at Home book is given to children every month by GCERT. This book gives different conditioning on each subject. The children do all these conditioning at home. And notes it in this book. 

Let's learn to estimate conditioning in a clever way at home in the month of July? As well as how to enter Marcus? How to fill online form? Important videotape on how to overlook a QR law. 
This videotape is created by Nikulbhai Sathvara. 

Its veritably useful videotape for all gujarat primary academy preceptors. so watch this imporatant videotape and get connected. 

Important Link 
Watch Video : From Here

Ghare shikhiye( Learn at home) All preceptors are presently confused about the evaluation of book conditioning. No link was handed by GCERT. But the QR law of this is given in the schoolteacher interpretation of Learn at Home. Grounded on that, how numerous children in your class are in the mark? How numerous children have a question mark? And how numerous children have the wrong sign? It has to be noted in this. 

Every schoolteacher should watch this videotape precisely and keep his class work up to date 
Information on this matter will be always sought when the academy inspector has an online visit. 
 Watch this Full videotape for Ghare shikhiye

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