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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Important news about declaring Merit of Medical Admission 2020/21


 Important news about declaring Merit of Medical Admission 2020/21 @

Therefore, every student is informed that the registration process for admission for the graduate course of Medical, Dental, Ayurvedic and Homeopathy for the academic year 2020-21 has been started by the Admissions Committee here. Completed on 11/11/2020. At present the process of verification / re-verification of every certificate submitted by the students at the Admissions Committee is underway.

If there is any error in the certificate of any student, the student will be informed by the Admissions Committee through the mobile number registered by the Admissions Committee or by e-mail. And the student has to fulfill it within the period given by the admission committee. Therefore, every student and parent is advised not to visit any help center or CCR, Gandhinagar if need be, in view of the current Corona epidemic.

Thus, given the current situation, it will take an estimated 10 more days or more to complete the verification / re-verification process of these certificates. Only then will the Provisional Merit List be prepared by the Admissions Committee which will be published on the Admissions Committee website. And even in this Provisional Merit List, if any student finds a mistake, the necessary process will be carried out by the Admissions Committee to rectify the mistake.
Important news about declaring Merit of Medical Admission 2020/21 @

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In the net for admission in four courses including medical dental, more students have passed in Gujarat this year as compared to last year. More than 4000 students have been registered against 12 thousand seats of four courses. Which happened last year but still the registration for admission in medical is 3 to 4 thousand less than last year. Reasons for low enrollment, including corona, low ranking, early admission to paramedical for admission in courses including medical dental. 

Std. The deadline for online registration for admission in four courses including medical, dental, ayurveda and homeopathy after 12 sciences has come to an end today. Registration was one day old. Which has been completed at 3 pm. A total of 6 students had bought the PIN online and out of which 31 12 students have been registered. Out of which 3 students have done document verification at the health center. There is still one day for verification tomorrow. However, not all the students who have registered can come for verification and the total number of registered students is less than 5,000.

It is important to note that out of 76000 students who appeared for the NEET exam in 2019 last year, 35177 students passed and the result was 46.75 per cent while out of more than 64700 students who appeared for the NEET exam this year, 36398 students passed the NEET.

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