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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Nishtha New module 16, Module 17, Module 18 available now.


  Nishtha New module 16, Module 17, Module 18 available now.

Nishtha total 18 module training declare by education department. Out of 18 module module 10 to 12 available now. It is start on 26 October 2020.

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Nishtha Module Aheval

Nishtha Module 15  :: GJ_Purva Prathmim Shikshan

Class: Others
Subject: Pre-school Education
Medium: Gujarati

This module provides an overview of pre-primary education - what pre-primary education is, why it is important, how children learn, what kind of pedagogy needs to be adopted for the holistic development of children and how study areas and whole day schedules are organized. . In addition the module focuses on experiences and activities for early language development and numeracy. So that the children have a smooth transition from pre-primary to primary.

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Nishtha Module 15  :: GJ_Purva Prathmim Shikshan

Nishtha Module 14 :: GJ_Shala Shikshan ma pahel

Class: Others
Subject: Initiatives in School Education
Medium: Gujarati

The theme is to improve the quality of schools and teachers by the Department of Education and Literacy, M.H.R.D. Focuses on major initiatives taken and also includes teacher education. It covers the main objectives and components of education as a whole, best practices in the States and Union Territories and new approaches to mid-day meals.

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Class: Others
Subject: School Leadership: Concepts and Applications
Medium: Gujarati

The presented module for School Leadership helps in comprehensive understanding of the concept of leadership in the context of the school as well as in the context of the education system of the area in which the school is established. The basic objective of this module is to promote school principals and teachers who are able to bring about change and innovation in the primary school as well as working with the main objective of improving the learning process as “School Leaders” as well as “Teacher Leaders”.
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Nishtha Module 10 :: Samajik vigyan nu Padhdhtishatra

This module begins with a discussion of the social sciences in the upper primary section. This phase lists the objectives of teaching social science subject. The third point is to introduce three subjects in the social sciences: history, geography and socio-political life. What educational method can a teacher adopt, especially in the case of study findings and social sciences? Has given its discussion.

Nishtha Module 11 :: Bhashao nu Padhdhtisastra

This module on language learning methodology has been introduced to the state's S R G and K R P for linguistic education from a diverse Indian perspective. Attempts to familiarize language status, language learning methods and processes in education as well as language and language assessment solutions. This module introduces language learning-teaching methods, concepts and ideas along with topics of discussion and reflection.

Nishtha Module 12 :: Viguan nu Padhdhtisastra

The pedagogy module of science has been developed for teachers working in the upper primary department. The main objective of this module is to make the teaching and understanding of science more practical and efficient through activities and experiments.

Nishtha Training Schedule changes due to Diwali Vacation Read latest circular

Due to Corona effect Education department arrange Diksha Nishtha training on online mode. But Diwali vacation announced Nishttha training schedule is changed.

Nishtha Training new Time Table declared.

18 courses of loyalty teacher training for the remaining primary teachers and headmasters (Government, Granted, KGBV, Ashram School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Railway Shaw (IL) and Sainik School  on 5th October. | Was performed during November 2020,

For primary school teachers. As the Diwali vacation has been declared during 29th October 18th November 2020, the schedule for joining the online course and broadcasting of BIES is being changed as follows.

The details of the aforesaid change are stated in the coordination of the District Education Officer, District Primary Education Officer and the Govt.

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