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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Sports Kits Realted Guidelines Circular

 Sports Kits Realted Guidelines Circular

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Sports kits have been provided in the primary schools of Gujarat state. Information on what tools are provided in the kit and how to use each tool and how much the equipment costs has been issued by the Government.

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For universal quality school education, the Ministry of Human Resource Development-Government of India has implemented the integrated school education scheme 'Sam Shiksha' from the year 2018-19, the main objective of which is to maintain the continuity of education from pre-primary to higher secondary level. Therefore, the scheme seeks to introduce an integrated / joint school system from pre-primary to higher secondary level, so that children will be connected with various stages of schooling, and children will be encouraged to complete schooling. According to the Sustainable Development Goals for Education (SDGs), the goal of the entire education scheme is to provide equal and quality education from pre-primary to higher secondary level.

Schools under the Sports and Physical Education Department of the entire Shiksha Yojana have been asked to provide indoor and outdoor game equipment. Shown below for government schools under the Sports and Physical Education Scheme

Provisions as per: Rs.5000 per school per year for primary schools / Rs.10000 per school per year for upper primary schools

Under the entire Shiksha Yojana, government schools are given joint school grants for replacement of non-sports equipment, installation of sports equipment, laboratories, electricity bills, internet, water, education aids (T, LM). There is also provision for repair and maintenance of school building, sanitation, toilet as well as other infrastructural facilities, there is provision for annual joint school grant ranging from Rs. 25000 / - to Rs. 1,00,000 / - depending on the number of students in the school.

A list of sports equipment according to the age of government school children has been prepared, as per JANEX-1 (videos on the use of most of the proposed sports equipment are available on YouTube), this is just a suggested list. The State may, if it so desires, obtain the opinion of the Head Teachers of the schools and provide the schools with the necessary sports equipment other than the above list. However, schools may select sports equipment and other necessary sports equipment, taking into account the available playgrounds and infrastructural facilities for sports.

Schools can be encouraged to include traditional / regional sports of the state in school sports, as well as limited cost equipment for these sports can be procured locally. Repair / maintenance of sports equipment available in the school, ensuring that all the equipment is working. This will require periodic review of equipment, and a record of working equipment, equipment in need of repair, unusable equipment and equipment in need of new purchase.

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