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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Whatsapp based evaluation for Standaard 9 and 10 student.

 Whatsapp based evaluation for Standaard 9 and 10 student.

Standard 9 and 10 Science and Mathematics Whatsapp based Evaluation.

User manual for Whatsapp based evaluation.

WhatsApp based weekly study

To get started, the student saves the following mobile number under the name of WhatsApp Learning Gujarat and after saving send the message Hello or Namaste to the same number every week.

Save this Number : 8595524523

To be successful in the subject, the student needs to study weekly with full commitment.


Whatsapp link Direct.



Now write a massage Hiii on whatsapp. 
Now write your School DISE Code in Whatsapp massage.
Now verify your school name and other details.
Now select your Class 9 or Class 10.
Now write student name and birth date in whatsapp chat.

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