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Saturday, 6 February 2021

Full Staff Attadence in Primary School from 8/2/2021 in Panchmahal Godhara District

Matter of 100% full day attendance of teachers in all primary schools of the state.

Full Staff Attadence in Primary School from8/2/2021 in Panchmahal Godhara District 

Now indirect of Niayam Sir, All gujarat primary academy with full staff and full time open for preceptors from 9th February 2021. 

Matter of 100 full day attendance of preceptors in all primary seminaries of the state. 

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Read Circual for All District : Click Here 

 With the perpetration of lockdown in March 2020, direct education work was stopped in all seminaries in the state of Gujarat. At present all the primary seminaries in the state of Gujarat are closed for direct education and educational conditioning are being carried out keeping in view the instructions of home literacy. 

 latterly, as per the decision taken in the meeting held at the advanced position in January 2021, the classes of secondary and advanced secondary seminaries of all the boards in the state from Std. 10 and 12 from11/1/2021 and Std. 9 and 1 classes from1/2/2021 renewed with necessary instructions.


In view of the fact that the number of Kovid- 12 cases in the state of Gujarat is declining and the condition of Corona is coming under control, the Government has abandoned the before instruction for all primary academy preceptors to be present on duty on gyration base and replaced it. To apply the following instructions from9/2/2021. 

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Read Circual for All District : Click Here 

Read Circular : Click Here

 At present in all the primary seminaries of the quarter, children are being roomed through colorful mediums, WhatsApp grounded daily test for children of Std. 6 to 8, question results, prize competition, virtual class from Microsoft brigades, online tone- defense training for Std. 6 to 8 daughters, powerhouse and unt Involvement in education, unit test verification and online entry,S.I. Through School Accreditation, NMMS scholars are engaged in colorful conditioning like examination through Google form, in which the anticipated performance isn't known at present. So that all the work can be completed within the time limit. From8/2/2021, all preceptors are requested to report from your class to be present in the academy full time. 

 List of presently running conditioning 


  •  Whatsapp grounded daily test 
  •  break questions and get prize 
  •  Virtual Class 
  •  tone defense training for girls 
  •  Drop out check 
  •  Unit test verification and Online entry 
  •  Through School Accreditation 
  •  NMMS scholars are engaged in colorful conditioning like examination through Google form 
  •  Home literacy 

 Conference on Home Learning on17-09-2030 
The home literacy program will start from15-6-2020. 
 Home Learning allows scholars to get education from home, with the help of family members. Broadcasting can be done through DD Girnar and Vande Gujarat channel and also on GeoTV. The time is 900 to 1230 in the morning. 
A virtual classroom is planned. To insure that children aren't deprived of education, the schoolteacher has to call his scholars every day and do schoolwork with the book and learn from home literacy and seek the help of original preceptors to be covered by CRC BRC. 
 scholars need to learn commodity new in their studies. 
 online courses have been attended by preceptors. 
The main thing is for the pupil to learn useful effects in life and move down from the bar. 
Arrangements have been made for text distribution for online literacy. There will be a broadcast on TV for which a nice videotape has been made and a time distance has been made which has been circulated. Virtual classrooms will enable 22 lakh scholars to get education from Microsoft at home, according to NCERT. It's also decided on which day the material will be viewed from Diksha and youtube. Q in the text. The R law is given. Accoutrements can also bere-given for remedial use in scholars who find it unhealthy. How children get an education is veritably important 
Home learning all videotape useful for all scholars. 
 * Vinod Rao Sir * 

The academic time was to start from April for whichQ. R law unit tests were all designed not due to covid, 
Which will be completed in time. 
The meeting was held to try to bring equivalency in government and private seminaries and to turn disaster into occasion and make home learning an option and not a coercion. There are two words in home literacy. Home means parents. Parents have a great responsibility to make parents apprehensive. And literacy isn't just about broadcasting but scholars need to be in constant touch and get their feedback. It's veritably important to assess precisely. To put the sweats of preceptors in the plant to encourage the stylish performing preceptors in home literacy by giving instruments to three to five preceptors at BRC position. Online operations in this regard,Q. To give instruments for congratulations to the preceptors who have done well considering the R law, tutoring children else, maternal contact mindfulness. 
Home learning all videotape useful for all scholars. 
 The call will start coming from CCC, in which feedback will have to be given. 
Still, it may extend till August, so be set consequently, If the case of Kovid 12increases.However, rather of one schoolteacher tutoring further than one pupil in the same standard, we will get education of every standard in home literacy, If we consider Kovid 12 as an occasion. 
 The unit test will start from July. There will also be a class to deliver the unit test book home. 

 The Mission School of Excellence design has entered blessing from the World Bank. 15000 seminaries are made world class. There will be one academy in each cluster so that the scholars don't have to pull but will come to the academy itself.

 scholars from private seminaries will be arranged to come to government academy. Admission test of scholars who have passed Std. 5 in Model School will be done and all will be admitted in Model School and KGBV. 

 In view of the below information, to further exercise home literacy, a videotape link will be placed in this blog for the children and preceptors who missed watching the broadcast on DD Girnar from Std. 3 to 8. 
Home learning all videotape useful for all scholars. 

 Home literacy readily a useful design for scholars for this situation pupil pupil can readily to learn at home and education process to continue to learning process in this situation. gcert also give each all subject material. How to use it home work home literacy also schoolteacher are connected and track the situation of material literacy schoolteacher can use Microsoft brigades and know a process of no progress of of home literacy accoutrements this material is useful to pupil in the situation all subject Gujarati in the Hindi Sanskrit maths wisdom social wisdom and also standard of standard 1 Standard 2 standard 3 standard 4 standard 5 Standard 6 standard 7 Standard 8 also give all material to standard 9 standard 10 standard 10 standard 11 and standard 12 also including the conditioning of education pupil play and learn at home in this situation gcert work veritably well for pupil and preceptors in this situation this material of home literacy is veritably helpful to schoolteacher and pupil to connect each other with education purpose. 
Home literacy is veritably important thing  during cinch down period it's the veritably important for the pupil when pupil it didn't go to the academy

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