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Sunday, 7 February 2021

Your certificate does not download after Covid 19 Vaccination

Your certificate does not download after Covid 19 Vaccination


 Success doesn't come alone, it also brings pride with itself and this pride becomes the cause of our sorrows. Likewise, failure also doesn't come alone, it also brings disappointment with itself and frustration creates a big handicap in the path of progress. Although the word yoga is veritably broad. 
 still, there's no other yoga in householder religion than the capability to bear anguish, anguish and demotion, and the capability to digest happiness, praise and respect. 

 It's believed that downtime is too important, but what will be the good benefit from cursing the cold wave? The advantage is that we wear warm clothes, this will reduce the feeling of cold wave. unintentional to avoid bashing the cold wave. Is it a yoga to make your life easier? 

 Hence, the capability to smile and face every situation, to constantly move forward on your duty path, while not being suitable to say any situation is good or bad. This is the sum of the Gita. 
 Bless the timepiece when Satsanga. 

 In life, company has a great influence. By looking at the life of a person, it can be understood that what kind of company he has done in life. 
Sang has an important part in erecting our life. Glass also smells if mixed with incense. 

Iron also becomes gold after getting mixed with Paras gem, in the same way life becomes precious and excellent by associating with the stylish. 
Ann, wealth, substance, splendor, status, prestige, honor, honor, strength, intelligence, indeed if all is there in life, but there's no harmony, it's the same as Ravana's gold Lanka. 

" Blessed watch sleep when Satasanga" 
 Blessed is the moment in which man is taking sanctum of satsang. 

Satsang teaches us to make the stylish use of effects despite having objects. Brahmastra was also run by Ashwatthama and Arjuna too, but was inspired by Ashwatthama, Duryodhana or Kusang, also he used it for badness and Arjuna was inspired by Shri Krishna or Satsang also he used it for the protection of religion. 
 This satsang is the sanitarium where all the diseases of the mind and all the conditions of the mind are fully excluded. 

 Be a satsang nut! He'll make you dear to that God and everyone. 

Indeed if the problems of life are as big as the mountain, but if you take retreat of that lord with full fidelity and faith, also that lord will fluently take up your problem indeed on the little cutlet of his left hand. 
In every circumstance of life, such a practice should be flashed back for the Lord. Any of your problems may be veritably big for you, but for that Lord, it's veritably- veritably small and negligible. 

 Like Brij residers if there's pride and fidelity. When Indra started pouring torrential water with the intention of creating a catastrophe in Braj, all the Braj residers confidently go to the sanctum of that Vrindavan Vihari and start saying, O Krishna! We've no bone
 except you. Whenever a disaster has struck us, also only you have overcome us from those great disasters. 
 Save, and you drown. We're in your sanctum. Which is your rule, Nath! We agree in that only. 

 Aprabhu is a exile vatsal. Pranatpal is. When that Lord's retreat comes to life with full faith with a sincere heart, also the mountain of problems of our life must be lifted by that Lord 
 Your instrument doesn't download after Covid 19 Vaccination?

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