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Friday, 5 March 2021

Saturday School time related circular

 Saturday School time related circular

For Banaskantha District

Month : November to February 

Time : 7.20 to 11.40

Month : March to October

Time : 6.50 to 11.10

Downlaod Circular : Click here 

Currently the school hours on Saturdays start at 8:00 am, taking into account the presentation on the change in school hours, the school hours on Saturdays are changed in the interest of the children depending on the change of seasons and the amount of cold and morning conditions. School time on Saturday

Month - November to February 7.20 am to 11.40 am Month - March to October 6.50 am to 11.10 am

Friends, after the Diwali vacation, now that the new academic session has started, no one can call the children to school due to some reason, so the Gujarat government is sending daily educational videos through youtube through diksha application and through PDF so that children can study at home. The November 2020 schedule for this youtube video has also been announced by the government so you can get daily home wedding videos with the help of this.

Here is a complete guide on how to watch videos of daily attacks through initiation application on YouTube or in PDF format. Apart from this, every standard video exercise is also done on Doordarshan DD Girnar channel according to the time schedule. Youtube link is sent through whatsapp group. Apart from this, this video is also sent in Diksha application. Apart from this the video is also sent in pdf.

Hello friends, the new academic session has started from 8th June 2020 but due to the current Koro epidemic, children cannot be called to school so as not to spoil the academic work of the students. Based educational videos and educational lessons are broadcast on TV through Doordarshan Kendra DD Girnar channel.

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