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Friday, 26 March 2021

Whatsapp based evaluation for Standard 3 and 12 student

Whatsapp based evaluation for Standard 3 and 12 student.

 Standard 3 and 12 Whatsapp grounded Evaluation. 

 stoner primer for Whatsapp grounded evaluation. 


 WhatsApp grounded daily study 


 To get started, the pupil saves the following mobile number under the name of WhatsApp Learning Gujarat and after saving shoot the communication Hello or Namaste to the same number every week 


 major decision by Gujarat Government Education Department. 
 what's app grounded assessment test will now also be taken in standard 3 to 8. 
 Mobile number has been fixed for assessment test. 
 This program will be started on a airman base from23-1-2021 from 3 to 8 
 Know the full program and time table. 
 sanctioned indirect as well as information 
 Does not it be nearly that after twenty five times we will have to bandy in English to save our mama lingo Gujarati? 
 In the age of computer, the taste of kaka is drying up. Barkhadi is routinely fighting for its survival. 
 A- The ‘ K ’ of the clause is really wounded 
 B- The essay of Khadiya's' B' is missing. 
 G- rather of Ganapati, Google's' G' is chanted. 
 D- The'D' of the house above us and one of us has come to an end. 
 Ch- Chakli's' Ch' is lost between the halls of the mobile. 
 Six- The rain of people who love the mama lingo on the' six' of the marquee has dropped. 
 J- Jamrukh's'J' is giving birth to sprats like inflated khaman in junk food. 
 T- The mailman's' T' is stuck in the age of tablet and Twitter. Once upon a time the whole vill was staying for the mailman, now the whole vill is staying for the mailman to see if Coke will still write the correspondence? 
 Someone has abducted an entire generation from the request who are bored by spitting. 
 D- No bone
 paid attention to the cloak so E is taking the drug of the psychiatrist. 
 Dh- moment's sprats studying in AC seminaries don't have the fewest value of the' dh' of a mound of water. 
 N- ni fen lohi luhan thay gayi che visage koine lunchavan samay kya? 
 T- The blood thirsty brand of Veeras is now only visible nearly in the periodic brand race. 
 Th- The ‘ th ’ of the box is hidden in the thapada because the child has left the box and stuck to the branch of the pen 
 Someone has punctured the ball in'D', so the ball is at the last breath in the sanitarium. 
 The Dhaja's' The' religion is exhibiting not with merriment but with fear after seeing screams in the name of religion and shops. 
 No- Who can hear the sound of' No' in the middle of electronic arti? 
 P- The ‘ P ’ of the vampire has come a veritably big man and is now known as the Five Hundred Crore Kite Festival. 
 F-L.E.D. The ‘ F ’ of the lantern in the light of the lights only appears on Facebook. 
 B- In the midst of the bullfight mode, everyone has banded the scapegoat's' B'. 
 BH- The rearmost mobile and computer games have swamped Bhamrada's' B'. 
 M- Chili's' M' is now capsicum and pops up on the screen redeemer of the mobile. 
 Y- The cow's' Y' is both poor and the slaughterhouse is cut daily. 
 R- The ‘ R ’ of the game has failed down the narrow thoroughfares of metropolises like cement timbers and down the stairs of altitudinous apartments. 
 L- Lakhoti's'L' is mysteriously missing, if anyone finds it, say so. 
 V- The ‘ V ’ of the boat has presumably taken water samadhi with the electricity of Haji Kasam. 
 Q- Coal is on the verge of fading in the fireplace. 
 Sh- That's presumably why it's the turn of Shakora's' Sh' to supplicate the new generation to save their mama lingo. 
 Sh- Fadia ‘ Sh ’ has committed self-murder by seeing scenes of linguistics, communalism and regionalism. 
 H- The ‘ H ’ of the plow has been vended and big precious promenades have been erected on its land. 
 L- At first it sounded that only one'L' doesn't belong to anyone. But now it seems that the whole barracks has come an orphan. 
 Q/ Gnya- At what time should we all start the Gyan Yajna to save the mama lingo like Kshatratva? 
 An English aunt wearing a skirt midi has digested the house. And the eye of a Gujarati mama wearing a sari is night. Orman in his own bean waits in Gujarati and waits for some godly 108.! Let's revive such a wounded Gujarati, let's sit down, let's wipe with love. Let's speak Gujarati, read Gujarati, educate the new generation in Gujarati and live as a true Gujarati.! 
 what's app grounded assessment test will now also be taken in standard 3 to 8. 
 Now write a massage Hiii on whatsapp. 
 Now write your School DISE Code in Whatsapp massage. 
 Now corroborate your academy name and other details. 
 Now elect your Class 9 or Class 10. 
 Now write pupil name and birth date in whatsapp converse. 

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