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Monday, 12 April 2021

Gujarat Sarkar na karmachario ne 33 % staff sathe kam karva athva Work from home thi kam karva chhut aapva babat gujarat rajya karmchari mahamandal ni rajuaat

Gujarat Sarkar na karmachario ne 33 % staff sathe kam karva athva Work from home thi kam karva chhut aapva babat gujarat rajya karmchari mahamandal ni rajuaat

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At present, the entire country, including Gujarat, is battling another wave of car viruses, which is hoping to prevent unification. Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister under sensitive leadership Intensive efforts are being made.

The state administration and its officers / employees are constantly working in the above efforts of the government, in which many hardworking officers / employees as well as their families have died due to coronation. However, due to the recent rise in infections and deaths in this second city, a large number of government employees / officers are becoming infected very fast and spreading the infection to others, i.e., government offices or campuses are becoming a hotbed of corona. The Gujarat High Court has also been asked by the state government to issue specific guidelines to prevent the transmission of this corona.

(1) To keep the offices of Gujarat Government (excluding essential services) closed or to make arrangements for one third of the employees / officers to be present in rotation.

(3) To check the attendance of the employees, to sign the muster, to get the exemption from fingerprint, BAS method, etc., to arrange for the attendance of all the employees of his branch by the branch officer so that the muster, fingerprint. By contacting the device as well as by preventing employees from gathering at one place for attendance at 10:30 and 9:10, they can be truly protected from virus transmission.

(2) If any employee / officer or any of his / her family members is infected with Corona, such employees / officers should be considered present on duty so that the transmission of virus can be kept away from government offices in real sense. Under the current system, corona-infected employees are given medical leave, so that to some extent mild and asymptomatic employees who show coronary symptoms develop a reluctance to report. As they continue to come to the office, they inadvertently spread the transition to other employees as well as applicants.

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