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Friday, 6 August 2021

Establishment of Public Private Partnership Model Residential School of Excellence Resolution 31/07/2021

Establishment of Public Private Partnership Model Residential School of Excellence Resolution 31/07/2021

The Mission School of Excellence has been started by the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat in the year 2021-22 for the purpose of providing high quality school education to the students studying in the Government schools of the State of Gujarat. One of the most important components of the Mission School of Excellence is the National School of Excellence (RSE), which is not a high quality student education.

At present, there are only government schools in the state, such as Jayahar Nidaya Vidyalaya, O Kalvya Middle School and Kasturba Gandhi Bashalka Vidyalaya (KGBV). In order to get admission in these schools, there is a need for high quality schools in the state. A decision has been taken to formulate a policy for the establishment of Residential Schools of Excellence (RSE).

1. The best quality students from 6th to 12th standard are provided free of cost by enrolling the most talented students studying in government schools across the state.

2. Provided modern educational infrastructure, facilities of Shanasi hostel, sports facilities, arts and skills training for the holistic development of students.

3. In the case of best teaching methods, higher teaching materials, alternative educational medium, the same facilities are provided in the best private schools, the same facilities are provided in the schools.

4. Convenience of gifted students, preparation of mindfulness guidance, preparation for competitive examinations on JEE, NEET on Civil Services examinations and other competitive examinations.

5. RECOMMENDATION TO FILL ALL THE EXAMINATION OF ALL THE EXAMINATION - A total of 100,000 students of 6th to 12th standard have been established in the National School of Counseling PPP model, all of which will be completed in the next 3 to 5 years. A total of 100,000 gifted students will be able to study in all the National Schools of Education during the academic year immediately after the commencement of work.

Department of Education, Government of Gujarat Mission Schools of Excellence Participating Private Individuals, Institutions, Partnership with Social Responsibility (CSR) Process Onion / Orthopedics Partnership Statewide Decides to announce the policy for the establishment of two National Schools of Counseling. The most gifted children studying in government and non-subsidized schools from 1st to 5th year of O Nivat are writing at the end of the 5th year, the best quality school in the 6th to 12th standard of the school. 

The Department of Education will manage the entire pre-school process for these schools. Students studying in Government and Government-sanctioned schools from Class 1 to 5 will be eligible to appear in the State Level Mental Examination at the end of Class-5 and will be eligible to appear in Class-6 of Merit-based schools. The basis of vacancies can be entered through the same procedure of preference selection in the next post-Rule-6. There will be a district level merit list to ensure proportional representation in all the districts. In the future, boys and girls will also be encouraged to be educated.

The Department of Education has issued a phased EOI (Expression of Extension) to private individuals, organizations, and partners with a desire to become a Project Partner (CSR). The State Project Director, under the chairmanship of the entire Education (Gujarat School Education Council), will be examined by a consensual examination of government officials, academics and highly qualified persons operating in high quality schools. Consensus, Recommendation for Approval of Preferred Pam La Orajdara - Secretary, I will conduct a Gishning Council under the chairmanship of Primary and Secondary Education.

Each person wishing to become a partner in this PPP project must have a certified experience of working in a school education with an individual orthodox orthodox partner or orthodox partner. In school education, priority will be given to national and international standards, recognition and prestige.

The project is funded by a full-fledged fundraiser for the establishment of two National Schools and Consultations. The project will provide land on a state-of-the-art infrastructure for the entire civil service required from time to time. School subdivision, accommodation facilities for students and teachers, dining halls, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, multiplexes, connectivity rooms, computer classrooms and computer classrooms. It will have to be built at his expense.

The campus of the seventy schools under this project will have a capacity of minimum 2000 students and a maximum capacity of 10,000 students. The Oak Project Partner Oak Ortha can apply for a maximum of 10,000 students in multiple campuses. Due to the large campus, the best use of infrastructure in various districts.

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