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Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Standard - 1 Home Learning Video-2021-22

Standard - 1 Home Learning Video-2021-22

Standard - 5 Home Learning Video-2021-22.The information remaining on an intact storage can usually be recovered without professional help by means of data recovery software. However, it is important to keep in mind that no information is recoverable after being overwritten. For this reason, nothing should be written to the storage until the last file from it is rescued.

Most data recovery utilities operate using the algorithms of metadata analysis, the method of raw recovery based on the known content of files or a combination of the two approaches.

Metadata is hidden service information contained within the file system. Its analysis allows the software to locate the principal structures on the storage that keep record of the placement of files content, their properties and directory hierarchy. After that, this information is processed and used to restore the damaged file system.

This method is preferred over the raw recovery as it allows obtaining files with their original names, folders, date and time stamps. If the metadata wasn’t seriously corrupted, it may be possible to reconstruct the entire folder structure, depending on the specifics of the mechanisms employed by the file system to get rid of “unnecessary” data. Yet, such analysis cannot be performed successfully when the crucial parts of metadata are missing. That is why it is extremely important to refrain from using file system repair tools or initiating operations that may result in its modification until data recovery is completed.

As a rule, when the desired result wasn’t achieved with the help of metadata analysis, the search for files by their known content it performed. In this case, the “known content” doesn’t imply the entire data content of a file, only particular patterns of raw data that are typical for the files of the given format and may indicate the beginning or the end of the file. These patterns are referred to as “file signatures” and can be used to determine whether a piece of data on the storage belongs to a file of a recognized type.

Files recovered with this method receive an extension based on the found signature, new names and get assigned to new folders, usually created for files of different types. The main limitation of raw recovery is that some files may lack identifiable signatures or have only a signature denoting the start of a file, making it hard to predict where it ends, especially when its parts are not stored consequently.

To get the lost files back with maximum efficiency, data recovery software may use the described techniques concurrently during a single scan launched on storage. Other details depend mainly on the type of the type of digital medium and can be found in the data recovery solutions section.

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