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Thursday, 21 July 2022

ATF prices cut, air travel can also be cheaper, know how much the rates fell?

ATF prices cut, air trip can also be cheaper, know how important the rates fell? 

ATF Price Down :- Those traveling by air can get some relief from moment. moment i.e. on July 16, a cut in the prices of aircraft energy has been blazoned. ATF prices have been cut by2.2 percent on Saturday. Let us tell you that due to the fall in oil painting prices in the transnational request, it has been cut. 

Check Rearmost Rates 

According to the price announcement of the public sector petroleum companies, the price of ATF has been cut by Rs per kl or2.2 per cent to Rs per kl. 

Alternate cut in a time 

The price of ATF has been cut only for the alternate time this time. Last month, its price had reached a peak of Rs per kiloliter( Rs141.23 per liter). 


Review is done on 1st and 16th 

The ATF prices are revised on the 1st and 16th of every month grounded on the transnational oil painting prices for the last fortnight. before on July 1, there was no change in the price. 

last month increased 

piecemeal from this, if we talk about 16th of last month, also the ATF prices have increased by 5 percent. After this hike, the prices of aircraft energy had reached a record position. 

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