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Saturday, 23 July 2022

Gagnon mission begins next year! India will send humans into space for the first time.

Gagnon charge begins coming time! India will shoot humans into space for the first time. 

India is working on its first manned spaceflight under the Gagnian charge. An important piece of information has come to light in this regard. Union Minister of State for Science and Technology Jatinder Singh has said that India will shoot humans into space by coming time. In a press conference, Jatinder Singh said that one or two people of Indian descent would go into space coming time. It has lately been revealed that the country’s first manned charge to space will have a large variety of food. It's being developed in the laboratory of the Defense Research and Development Organization( DRDO) in Mysore. 

The rearmost update on transferring humans into space says two tests will be conducted by the end of this time. The first test will be testing only, in which an unmanned vehicle will be transferred, while the alternate time a womanish robot( astronaut) will be transferred. Its name is Vometra. The final decision on transferring Indian astronauts into space will be grounded on the results of the trial. 

still, India will come the fourth country in the world to shoot humans into space after the United States, Russia and China, If all goes well. Media reports have formerly stated that the crew members on the charge will have all the food options. It turns out that six different menus have been developed. They hope to include light snacks like upma, poha, adli for breakfast. Meat and vegetable biryani will be an option for lunch, while regale may include effects like meat with chapatti, vegetables and gravy. 

The Gagnian charge aims to shoot humans into low- Earth route on an Indian launch vehicle and bring them back to Earth safely. In this way, the country wants to demonstrate its eventuality in the space sector. The country’s three largest companies ISRO, DRDO and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited are engaged in fulfilling their charge liabilities. Code- 19 has also told this design. The target was 2021, but that date has now been extended and the charge is anticipated to begin coming time. 

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