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Thursday, 18 August 2022

What are the uses of microwave oven ?

What are the uses of microwave oven ? 

A microwave oven roaster is a veritably popular kitchen device that heats and culinarians food by the use of microwave oven radiation in the electromagnetic diapason in a veritably quick time and maintain the nutrients in food. Microwave oven ranges are used for reheating earlier cooked foods and cooking a different variety of foods. They're also useful for rapid-fire heating for sluggishly set cuisine particulars including hot adulation, fats, and chocolate. 

There are some used of microwave oven roaster which are bandied below 


1. Reheating – The process of Reheating isn't done on a cookstove. When you put any dish in the microwave oven forre-heat, it gets warm in seconds precisely. A microwave oven roaster is used in reheats without making the food wet and nearly retains in its original form. Microwave oven roaster canre-heat them snappily that’s why these broilers roaster are used in homes and bakery shops for different types of afters, galettes and numerous further particulars. The lower volume of food can be reheated in two twinkles whereas further volume of food can be re hotted from ten twinkles to fifteen twinkles. 

2. Baking – Broilers roaster is also used in the baking galettes and viands and it's easy and quick for making succulent different kinds of galettes. The galettes will be inversely soft and good to eat. The baking in a microwave oven roaster is used to singe a introductory chocolate cutlet in five twinkles which is veritably quick as compared to the common system of incinerating with preheating and heating. 


3. Defrosting – Microwave oven roaster are used in defrosting the frozen vegetables or meat veritably snappily without the inordinate washing, draining and wasting the water. It's veritably effective due to it makes the food retain in their original form and nutrients. 


4. Roasting – The microwave oven roaster is used for repast garlic, garlic viands, make pop sludge veritably snappily. The process of riding food is a veritably important and traditional system in Indian cuisine and thus it's veritably popular in our country. 


5. Blanching – The process of dulling fruits and vegetables in a microwave oven is better than the traditional blanching system because it takes extremely lower time and it retains the nutritive value of the food. A frozen food which is bleached by microwave oven roaster will be better than the food bleached by traditional system. 


6. Boiling and steaming– Boiling is one of the most important system in cooking any food. A microwave oven boils effects unevenly due to a microwave oven boils material in a many twinkles as compared to the cookstove and can also set the boiling time. storming vegetables help in retain nutrients in food as compared than boiling and it spends lower time. 


7. Retain nutrients – Nutrients are veritably important in cooking a food for a healthy body. The coking of food is generally get lost in the gas or cookstove. In the microwave oven roaster, it helps in retaining the vitamins, minerals in food for a good health and uses oscillating electromagnetic energy for cooking the food. 

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