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Friday, 9 September 2022

Amazing act of traffic police! Electric scooter deducted for not showing PUC

Amazing act of Traffic police! Electric scooter subtracted for not showing PUC

Recently  a case has come to the fore which raises questions on the action of the business police. In fact, a police officer of the Kerala Motor Vehicles Department challaned the electric scooter proprietor for not furnishing the PUC. The electric scooter proprietor has been fined Rs 250 for this.


Let us inform that after this news went viral on social media, people are raising questions about the negligence of the business police and information about electric vehicles. Thise-challan was issued by the Kerala Transport Department on 6 September to the proprietor of an Ather 450X electric scooter.

 It's written on thee-challan issued that the electric scooter proprietor has been assessed under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 for not presenting the Pollution Control Certificate i.e. PUC. Yes, it sounds strange but now it's passing with electric scooter druggies too. After this news went viral on social media, Tarun Mehta, CEO of Ather Energy himself also reflected and called it ‘ unfortunate ’.


Let us tell you that PUC can be issued only to internal combustion machine ie IC machine vehicles. Vehicles that don't have machines running on petrol, diesel or CNG don't bear PUC. Battery operated electric vehicles fall under the order of non IC machine vehicles, which aren't issued PUC.

If in such a situation the business police forfeitures an electric vehicle for not presenting the PUC also it's illegal. numerous social media druggies have given information about some analogous cases with him as well. In a analogous case, a bike motorist was fined by the Kerala Police just because his bike was low on energy.


Explain that there's no law in the Motor Vehicle Act regarding the quantum of energy in the vehicle, despite this the challan was subtracted. still, latterly the police accepted the mistake and canceled the challan.


Talking about Ather 450X, lately the company has launched its third generation model. This scooter is known for its superior performance, range and quality. In the last many months, not a single Ather scooter has come to light in the cases of fire in electric scooters. The company claims that the highest- end battery operation system has been used in its electric scooters, which gives the scooter more thermal protection.

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