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Sunday, 25 September 2022

Apple CEO Tim Cook turns nine-year-old Indian app developer fan

Apple CEO Tim Cook turns nine- time-old Indian app inventor addict 

Global smartphone and tech company Apple CEO Tim Cook has complimented the nine- time-old Indian app inventor Hana. Cook praised the girl who developed the Hanas app in an dispatch reply. Hana told him that he was the youthful iOS app inventor. 

Hana’s family lives in Dubai and her parents are happy with the appreciation she has poured on the chef. Hana’s father, a native of Kerala, said that numerous children are making apps and Apple has similar claims through to confirm. He told that Hana’s aged family Leena Fatima( 10 times old) teaches him rendering. Hana has created a liar app that allows parents to record stories for their children in their own voice. He'd to write about,000 lines of rendering for this. He got this idea after watching a talkie. Both of these sisters have learned rendering themselves and for this their parents encouraged them. 


Lena has also created a website Lehanas, which teaches children about words, colors and beast galettes. Hana hopes to one day work with Tim Cook, while Lena wants to go to America for advanced education. Lena loves rendering because it allows her to break challenges. Both of them have been tutored by their parents through home training. Leena explained that her interest in rendering began when her father, who worked as a design operation adviser , asked her mama to learn rendering to help her incipiency. 

iPhone maker Apple launched a new series of iPhones before this month. request exploration establishment Techarc estimates that there will be further than 70 lakh people in India this time. iPhones can be vended. Including iPhones and Android smartphones, deals can be around 162 million. Deals of iPhones have increased significantly in the last 15 times. iPhones regard for further than 80 percent of the decoration smartphone member in the country and the number of iPhone druggies has grown by nearly 10 million in the last six times. 

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