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Monday, 19 September 2022

How To Apply For Driving Licence Online In India

How To Appeal For Driving Licence Online In India 

A driving licence is an important document in India as it fairly allows you to drive a vehicle. To gain a driving licence, you need to go through a process and get the licence after due diligence. However, also you should first get a literacy driving licence before the endless one, If you want to get a motorist's licence in India. 

You can apply for the licence online or offline, at your convenience. Then, we will detail how to apply for a learner's driving licence online without leaving your home by following the way below. Keep in mind that though you appeal for the learner's licence online, you have to go by the process offline to get your licence. Also, it's important to be at least 18 times of age and be apprehensive of business rules and regulations. You also have to retain valid documents to give your age and other match conditions. 

How To Apply Driving Licence Online In India 

After meeting all these conditions, then are the way to apply for a driving licence online. 


Step 1 Go to the sanctioned government website https// parivahan/. 


Step 2 Now, go to' Online Services' and click on the Driving Licence Related Services. 


Step 3 Choose the state you live in. 


Step 4 Now, you need to choose the option' Learner's Licence operation'. 


Step 5 Read the guidelines listed then precisely and fill in your particular details. 


Step 6 You'll be asked to key in your mobile number and Aadhaar number. 

Step 7 Fill in the learner's licence operation form and upload the documents that are needed. 


Step 8 Choose the date for the test and make the payment. 

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