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Monday, 5 September 2022

How to increase the time limit of Undo feature of Gmail, know step by step method

How to increase the time limit of Undo point of Gmail, know step by step system 



An amazing point in Gmail is the Undo button. Using this, you can help dispatch from being transferred. 

The Undo point is relatively good, but its time limit is only 5 seconds. 


Its time limit can be increased to the 30 seconds. For this, Gmail will have to be done in the web interpretation. 


New Delhi Have you ever transferred the wrong dispatch from Gmail? And do you ever realize after a many seconds of transferring an dispatch that you have made some mistake, similar as clicking on reply all rather of reply, not being suitable to attach attachments or occasionally someone in CC or BCC? Ca n’t keep it etc. In such a situation, just a many seconds can save the day from getting worse. 


Actually, Gmail generally gives 5 seconds to undo the transferred dispatch. Although occasionally it seems that it would have been better if I had got some further time. A little further time so that you can understand where the mistake has happed, because it's delicate to find the mistake in 5 seconds, the mistake isn't indeed realized. 


Now you can get that time. Now you can be increase the time limit of Undo on the Gmail. Yes, you can increase the time of your Gmail’s Undo option indeed more. Let us know how you can change this point in Gmail. 


Step 1. First of all you have to go to the web interpretation of Gmail. 


Step 2. After going to the web interpretation, click on “ Settings ” in the upper right corner and also go to “ See all Settings ”. 


Step 3. Then under the “ General ” tab, the option of “ Undo shoot ” will be available. 


Step 4. Then you can change the Undo time from 5 seconds to 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds. After opting your choice, click on “ Save Changes ” at the bottom of the runner. 

Note that the maximum time limit is 30 seconds. Whenever you shoot a correspondence, an option will appear in the lower left corner “ Undo ”. You can click on it indeed after 30 seconds. As soon as you undo, the dispatch will be unsend and you'll be returned to the draft runner. 

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