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Friday, 30 September 2022

How to watch in Russia: the second solar eclipse is coming in 2022

How to watch in Russia the alternate solar decline is coming in 2022 

In October, the occupants of the Earth will witness the alternate solar decline in 2022( after a partial decline on April 30). This was told by the press service of the Moscow Planetarium. 

The solar decline will take place on October 25 from 1200 to 1601 Moscow time, it'll be private and can be observed from the home of Russia. 


The maximum phase of0.86 at 1400 Moscow time will be visible on the home of the Nizhnevartovsk region of the Khanty- Mansi Autonomous Okrug in Western Siberia. In Moscow, the phase will reach0.7, that is, the Sun will be covered by the Moon by a outside of 63. In the Black Sea regions of Russia, the decline phase will exceed0.5 nearly far and wide. 

The decline will also be visible from important of Europe, North and East Africa, the Middle East, western corridor of Asia, and the islets of Greenland and Guernsey. 

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