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Thursday, 15 September 2022

Is co-education is good or bad

Is co-education is good or bad

Education is an important part of our life. It's veritably essential for boys and girls in which they come croaker, mastermind and live singly.


Co-education –Co-education is a system in which both boys and girls are studying in the same seminaries and sodalities. It's a controversial matter due to it's right or wrong. Some of the people are in favor of c- education and some against.


Favor views – There are several advantages ofco-education. India is a developing country which can not go separate academy and sodalities for all orders of scholars. There are multitudinous small municipalities and townlets in which the number of scholars is veritably less. Due to fiscal condition of the seminaries of municipalities and townlets it isn't possible to have separated for boys and girls. When boys and girls are study together they develop their personalities in a natural way. The girls exfoliate their gratuitous shyness with boys and boys are malleable with girls. After education, they enter life as grown up men and women and acclimate themselves with one another. Co-education allows both the boys and girls to blend with each other and to be familiar with how to co-occur with respect.


Against views – When boys and girls are study together they can not concentrate in our studies. They try to attract each other in different ways. At present it’s a fashion of swain and gal adding in seminaries and sodalities day by day in which they can not concentrate in their studies and dangerous for both boys and girls. It also increases the crimes in academy and sodalities similar as murders and rape. These types of people are in favor of separate seminaries for boys and girls. lodestones between boys and girls are the most important reason to avoidco-education system.

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