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Friday, 16 September 2022

The trend of dual sim is decreasing continuously, it will be completely finished in 3-4 years

The trend of dual sim is dwindling continuously, it'll be fully finished in 3- 4 years 

The use of single SIM has increased among the subscribers. Dual SIM operation among mobile phone druggies is declining due to rising tariffs and is anticipated to fall by 25 in the coming three- four years 

There was a time when utmost druggies used to have dual sim, but due to rising tariffs, the operation of dual sim among mobile phone druggies is declining and is anticipated to fall by 25 in the coming three years . Research establishment CLSA has reported that the number of dual SIM druggies was 140 million( 14 crore) as of FY222, which may come down to 105 million( 100 million) by FY25. This is because the subscribers are using single sim only. 


A report from Live MintAccording to the report, smartphone power in India grew by nearly 50 to reach 700 million( 700 million) during the fiscal time 2012- 25. At the same time, it's being estimated that there may be a decline of over to 105 million in dual SIM druggies and up to 50 million( 50 million) in 4G point phone druggies. 

The report states that the time 2016 saw a sharp rise in dual SIM operation when Reliance Jio introduced free voice calling and low- cost data plans, and also in 2019 with the increase in tariffs. sluggishly it started dwindling. 


After this, after adding the tariff price by 20- 25 in November, the number of dual SIMs saw a farther drop. druggies excluded the lower habituated SIM from the dual SIM. 

Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea have intimately stated that the financial time 2013( FY23) may also see a hike in tariffs to ameliorate the fiscal health of the sector. 


That is why experts say that in the coming years , utmost druggies will stop using the alternate SIM because paying two yearly reimbursement plans at the reimbursed as well as the postpaid position can be heavy on the pockets of the people. Peeyush Vaish, Sector Leader, Deloitte India said that due to constant pricing among other companies and junking of public roving charges, people are switching to single SIM. 

Dual SIM operation will end in 4 years 

The lack of variation in network quality in numerous regions has also reduced the need to have multiple SIMs. Vaish said,' Indian druggies are leaving the dual SIM culture and it's anticipated to reduce further in the coming three to four years '. 

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