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Wednesday, 28 September 2022

VIP Sim Card: VIP number can reach jail if you are using it

VIP Sim Card VIP number can reach jail if you're using it 

New Delhi. currently there's a buzz of VIP SIM in the request because on one hand people like it a lot but on the other hand it's also seen as an identity of luxury and this is the reason why people buy VIP SIM by spending the asking price. Huh. Although do you know that there's no similar problem with VIP SIM, but numerous similar cases have come to the fore in which people may have to go to jail for the VIP SIM affair. If you're also preparing to buy a VIP sim also you should read this news because in this we're going to tell you from where you shouldn't buy a VIP sim. 


There have been numerous similar cases in which it has been seen that police cases are registered against those who buy VIP SIM cards, due to which people have to go tocourt.However, also moment we're going to tell you which mistake you shouldn't make, If you're also preparing to buy with a Priya. 

Buy SIM only from

Authorized dealer If you buy SIM card from Authorized dealer, also you won't have any kind of problem, we assume that because they've company’s SIM card and nothing fraud works. In this case, you don't need to worry much. Always, before buying any SIM, make sure that it's authorized. 

Do not buy sim in Dosti Yaari

still, noway buy apre-activated SIM card at the decree of anyone, If you're buying a VIP number. This is because this SIM can also be involved in any crime and in such a situation you can also fall in the police court, so it's important that you don't buy a SIM card in Dosti Yaari at the decree of anyone. 

Keep in mind while choosing a

VIP number, you should be careful while using a VIP number because occasionally you can buy a number like another VIP number, in such a situation, if the integers are analogous, also you may have problems latterly because calls from that number can also come to you. In such a situation, you should noway try to buy a dupe of any number. 

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