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Thursday, 22 September 2022

YouTuber clashes car to test iPhone 14’s crash detection feature, watch video

YouTuber clashes auto to test iPhone 14’s crash discovery point, watch videotape 

Apple launched its new iPhone series before this month. The company introduced smartphones like iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. contrivance pundits, YouTubers from each over the world are reviewing iPhones, but some have a veritably strange system. To review the iPhone 14, a YouTuber crashed the auto. Actually, Apple has given a new point in the iPhone 14 series called ‘ Crash Detection ’. It's claimed that this point detects serious accidents and sends SoS cautions to insure the safety of its druggies, so that the life of the stoner can be saved in the event of a crash. A YouTuber decided to test this point and crashed the auto not formerly but several times. 

Its videotape has also surfaced, which is relatively intriguing. The YouTuber, who runs the TechRax YouTube channel, wanted to see if the point Apple was claiming worked. To test the point, he decided to crash a well- maintained auto. For this, YouTuber chose a ground, where some old idle vehicles were situated. YouTuber crashed his auto with old vehicles. 


A videotape uploaded on the channel shows a new iPhone strapped to the headrest of the passenger seat of a auto. The auto is being controlled with a remote regulator and is being crashed along with the old and useless vehicles situated on the ground. The videotape shows that the crash discovery point did n’t work right down, leaving the YouTuber puzzled. still, after about 10 seconds, a announcement came on the phone, in which it was written that it seems that you're in an accident. 

The videotape shows the iPhone displaying an alert when it detects a serious auto accident. After about 20 seconds, the phone automatically starts making exigency calls. still the call can be cancelled. YouTuber tests this point not formerly, but doubly. Both the times this point is set up to be working. still, in this testing, the condition of YouTube’s auto becomes miserable. The videotape has been shot from multiple angles, making it relatively emotional. 

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