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Thursday, 13 October 2022

Google Meet will get auto transcription feature, will capture meeting discussion, know how it will work

Google Meet will get bus recap point, will capture meeting discussion, know how it'll work 



Google has introduced bus recap point for its workspace. 

This point automatically captures meeting conversations. 


The company says that originally this point will support the English language. 


New Delhi. Tech giant Google has introduced numerous new features for Google Workspace. Among these, bus recap is the most important. This point automatically captures the meeting discussion. At present, druggies have to calculate on third party apps to transcribe Google Meet. Google is now making this point erected- in. Like the meeting recording, its paraphrase train will be saved in Google Drive. The company says that originally this point will support the English language. 

Google claims that with this point, about 200 companies will admit a link to the recap document via dispatch after the meeting is over. These include the meeting host,sub-host, or paraphrase generator. The paraphrase will automatically be attached to timetable invites attached for meetings, while for meetings with further than 200 attendees, the paraphrase will only be participated with the meeting organizers, hosts and co-hosts, and individual druggies who initiate recap. 


Participants will get notification

Actors will see a announcement before the meeting informing them that the meeting paraphrase is active. This point will be on by dereliction. There will be no admin control for Business Standard guests. 

Users can ask questions

Let us tell you that another point coming to Google Meet is Companion Mode, which allows druggies to raise one hand, produce pates and do other tasks. Google says this mode will allow in- room attendees to take advantage of in- room audio and videotape by raising their hands, drooling or asking questions from their phones. 

Users will be able to frame themselves

piecemeal from this, the company is also bringing automatic architecture in the meat. Through this point, actors in the videotape pipe will have the option to frame themselves before the meeting. Not only this, Google Meet druggies will now be suitable to join meetings directly from Jamboard on the web to kickstart collaboration. 

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