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Friday, 14 October 2022

Meta Connect Launched in 2022 Meta Quest Pro, your avatar will replace you in the virtual world, know how?

Meta Connect Launched in 2022 Meta Quest Pro, your icon will replace you in the virtual world, know how? 

New Delhi. Meta Connect Conference Today, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta has made some big adverts. all these adverts Metaverse and connected with virtual reality. numerous effects were blazoned in this event but the most important product Meta Quest Pro Is. The long awaited this particular product is a high- end VR headset. Its price is$ 1,499,99 i.e. about Rs1.23 lakh. Let us tell you what Mark has blazoned in the Meta Connect conference. 

Meta Quest Pro

Highlights of this event Meta Quest Pro It’s the same. This is a new virtual reality headset ie VR Headset. This is a flagship product of Meta, whose trade will start from October 25. Let us tell you that Meta’s former flagship VR headset was priced at$ 1100 i.e. around Rs 90,800, but this time Meta has increased the price of its new VR headset i.e. Meta Quest Pro to$ 1500 i.e. around Rs1.23 lakh. 

Meta and Microsoft’s Workplace Tool

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has partnered with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to the new Quest VR platform. In this, both blazoned that soon Windows apps, brigades integration and Xbox Cloud Gaming will come to the Quest. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Meta Connect 2022 to get an idea of how some of the most popular Xbox games will work and look on the Meta’s Quest VR headset. 

Office will be built in VR only

 Mark Zuckerberg reported that Meta has partnered with Accenture. Under this,,000 Quest 2 headsets have been stationed. The company also said that coming time it's also going to launch a new subscription service called “ Meta Quest for Business ”. still, also it can be said that now sweats are being made to bring the company’s work on VR i, If you want to understand this point in simplelanguage.e. virtual reality. Through this, numerous people will be suitable to gather, meet, work in the metaverse nearly. It'll be an experience like going to an office and working together. 


Quest Store’s Number Game

Mark Zuckerberg also participated the investment, buy and vend data for the Metaverse affiliated product for the first time at the Meta Connect conference. According to the company, games and apps worth$1.5 billion( Rs 12,344 crore) have been vended so far on the Quest Store. Although Mark also refocused out that Meta Virtual Reality is also incurring a lot of cost. participating a figure, the company said that in the last quarter,$2.8 billion has been invested in VR. 


Meta and NBCUniversal Partnership

Meta also partnered with NBCUniversal and blazoned that the popular streaming app Peacock will also be available on Quest. 


Meta Avatar will get feet

Still, also you must have noticed that only the torso of people’s incorporations were visible in it, If you have seen the meta icon till now. But now the legs will also be visible along with the torso of the people in the meta icon . In Meta Connect, the company has also given legs to a legless icon by launching Horizon Worlds. This change will be made in the new update of Meta Avatar. 


In this composition, we've told you about some special adverts made in the Meta Connect conference. still, numerous further effects have been blazoned in this. In this, accessories for VR, numerous games have also been blazoned in cooperation with Microsoft. 

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