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Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Microsoft to launch new product with Surface Pro 9 tablet today

Microsoft to launch new product with Surface Pro 9 tablet moment 

New DelhiMicrosoft Surface 2022 Launch Microsoft has organized one of its events moment. The event will start at7.30 PM IST. It can be viewed on the company’s functionary social media channels. numerous new products will be introduced during this event. Tablets, laptops and the new S Pen will also be launched during this event. Microsoft will launch Surface Pro 9 tablet, Surface Pro 5 laptop and Surface Studio 3 PC at its event. piecemeal from this, numerous new products will also be coming. Which can come with the rearmost and flagship features. Microsoft tablets are veritably popular. The productivity of S Pen is veritably important liked by people. 


Possible features of Surface Pro 9 tablet

The company will be launching a tablet during Microsoft’s launch event. It'll be called Surface Pro 9. A 13- inch display will be handed in this tablet. Which has a 120 Hz display. It'll have a 5 megapixel camera on the front. A 10 megapixel camera will be handed on the hinder panel. The phone will also come with Pen 2. It can use 12th generation Core i5 and i7U series processors. 


Possible Features of Surface Pro 5 Laptop

The company had launched the Surface Pro last time. Now the company is going to launch Surface Pro 5. It has an Intel processor. Microsoft has kept its laptops down from AMD Ryzen APUs this time. This time the laptop comes with Core i5- 1235U and Core i7- 1255U chipsets. 


Potential Features of Surface Studio 3 PC

New Surface Studio 3 may launch on PC this time. It can use 11th generation Core i7. It'll also support Dolby Vision. It supports Dolby Atmos. It can see up to 32 GB of RAM and over to 1 TB of SSD storehouse. 

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