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Sunday, 9 October 2022

Save Laptop in Rain: No need to put in rice, do this work immediately when laptop gets wet in rain

Save Laptop in Rain No need to put in rice, do this work incontinently when laptop gets wet in rain 

Tech Tips If your laptop gets wet when you go out in this stormy season or for some reason water has gone into it, also fix the contrivance like this without putting it in rice. Know the stylish tips. 

What to do if water goes into a laptop It can be veritably delicate to take out in this stormy season but everyone has to go for work. It happens numerous times in this season that indeed after being kept in the bag, water gets lost in our widgets like smartphones, laptops etc. generally, we use styles like rice or hair teetotaler to remove water from these bias. moment we're going to tell you about such a trick by which you'll be suitable to dry your soaked laptop without putting it in rice. Let us know how this can be done. 


If the laptop is wet, then do this work immediately 

If the laptop is wet. Still, first of all switch it off with the help of main power button, If your laptop is in sleep mode. After this, if there's any USB or other accessory plugged in to the laptop, also open them all. Also keep in mind that your laptop isn't on charging at this time and your charging harborage is empty. 


Now follow these steps 

After switching off the laptop, after freeing all accessories, turn the laptop upside down and also take out the battery of the laptop. However, also skip this step and also wipe the laptop with the help of a soft cloth and also put the laptop upside down on a kerchief, If your laptop doesn't have this option. Leave the laptop in this position for at least four hours. 


There will be no need to put the laptop in rice 

With the below mentioned tricks, you'll be suitable to dry your laptop. Let us tell you that to dry and fix the soaked laptop, you won't have to put rice on it or say that the laptop won't have to be kept in rice. You won't indeed need a hair teetotaler to dry this contrivance. 

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